The Risks of Vaping

Are you trying to kick a smoking habit? You’re not alone. Over 70% of smokers say they want to quit to avoid heart disease, lung cancer, and other life-threatening diseases. , you may be tempted to turn to electronic cigarettes to ease the transition from traditional cigarettes to not smoking whatsoever. However, e-cigarettes, also called vaping, may be more harmful than you think.

What’s in E-Cigarettes?

Do you know exactly what you’re inhaling? Here are some common ingredients found in your vaping products.


Nicotine is what makes tobacco products addictive. And while you may think you’re cutting out the harmful nicotine with vaping products, be aware that some e-cigarettes have been found to contain nicotine.

Flavor Additives

Part of the appeal of e-cigarettes are their appealing flavors, including vanilla, watermelon, cherry, cinnamon, and more. These flavor enhancers contain harmful chemicals that can lead to lung irritation and breathing complications.

Additional Chemicals

E-cigarettes are full of additional chemicals, including propylene glycol, which turns into formaldehyde at night temperatures.

The Negative Impact of Vaping

Although e-cigarettes have been touted as a safer alternative to smoking, several studies say otherwise. In fact, research has shown that some e-cigarette contain cancer-causing ingredients and may increase inflammation in the lung tissue. While e-cigarettes may pose less of a cancer risk than regular cigarettes, whether they are as safe as manufacturers claim is unclear. On top of that, they’re neither approved by the FDA nor supported by the American Lung Association as a safe way to taper off cigarettes.

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