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Tiny Battery Safety

This year while we're playing with all of our new toys and gadgets. Let's remember the danger of batteries. They are shiny, tiny and dangerous! This makes them very appealing to the little ones we love. 

Most of the time a swallowed battery can pass through without too many problems according to many doctors. It's the occasional times that it causes choking and burns that it's a problem. Little batteries can also get stuck in a child's ear or nose. 

Think your child has swallowed a battery? Then the best thing is to go to the emergency room or call 911. Some of the signs are coughing, choking, trouble swallowing, sore throat, vomiting, and loud breathing. 

The best alternative is prevention. Be vigilant at storing the batteries in a place not accessable to children. Check and make sure that little ones can't get to the batteries in their toys and throw away old batteries that can do harm. 

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season from Lakeview Family Medicine!! 


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