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Women's Health Specialist

Lakeview Family Medicine

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We have a new women's health provider at Lakeview! Her name is Susan and she's fantastic! Schedule your routine women’s health checkup today. It can prolong your life, help you avoid disease, and improve your well-being as a whole. 

Women's Health Q&A

What is women’s health?

Women’s health is a branch of medicine that diagnoses, treats, and prevents diseases and other potentially serious medical conditions in women. Although men and women experience many of the same health problems, their unique reproductive organs put them at risk of various gender-specific problems.

Routine women’s health checkups can alert you to chronic conditions when they’re most responsive to treatment. They also present an opportunity to discuss unusual symptoms, build a relationship with your primary care physician, and ask questions.

What services does women’s health provide?

The team at Lakeview Family Medicine provides an array of women’s health services, including:

Pap smears

A Pap smear is a preventive test used to determine your risk of cervical cancer. During a Pap smear, the team takes a swab of cells from your cervix and sends it to a laboratory for analysis. The laboratory analyzes your sample for the presence of cancerous or precancerous cells.


A mammogram is a preventive screening that detects breast cancer. Mammograms use low doses of radiation to take detailed images of your breast tissue. The team assesses your mammogram to look for potentially cancerous growths.

Family planning

If you’re sexually active, but don’t want to have children, you might benefit from birth control. Lakeview Family Medicine offers several types of contraceptives, including oral birth control and intrauterine devices (IUDs). 

If you’re interested in starting a family, the team also provides prenatal care to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Treatment of menopause symptoms

Menopause occurs after you’ve gone a full year without having a menstrual period. It’s a normal part of the aging process but can present a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including hot flashes, irritability, and fatigue. 

The team at Lakeview Family medicine can help minimize these symptoms with hormone replacement therapy, healthy lifestyle changes, and prescription medication.

Chronic care

Men and women are both susceptible to cardiovascular disease, but birth control use, pregnancy, and menopause may increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke. The team at Lakeview Family Medicine provides chronic care services that promote heart health and general well-being.

Do I need to schedule a women’s health checkup each year?

The team at Lakeview Family Medicine recommends that all women schedule a women’s health checkup at least once a year. This is particularly true if you’re aged 40 or older. Certain conditions like diabetes and thyroid disease present few noticeable symptoms. Frequent checkups provide an effective way to catch and treat them early on.

Don’t wait to request a women’s health consultation at Lakeview Family Medicine. Book an appointment with the online scheduling tool or call the nearest office today.