6 realistic exercise goals for the New Year

You want to exercise this year. But exercising is one of those things where you feel great afterwards… and where you’re completely unmotivated to start. To help you feel motivated, we’ve put together a list of six realistic goals. None of them are too daunting, but when implemented, they can go a long way towards your overall health.

  1. Keep your house cleaner

Want to combine an exercise resolution with a life-skills resolution? You can burn a surprising amount of calories just by doing household chores. Some of the most effective chores that count as exercise are vacuuming and mopping, as they require more movement.

  1. Walk

One good rule of thumb to try is to always walk somewhere that’s less than a two minute drive. Walking not only burns calories and tones your muscles, it’s also great for your brain. Those who go on regular walks are able to think more creatively when they are faced with problems.

  1. Go on a more active vacation

As you’re planning your vacation(s) this year, try choosing something more active, like an adventurous camping trip or an exciting bike getaway. Not only will this help you get in more exercise while you’re actually on the trip, it will also motivate you to prepare. You’ll want to be in shape so you can hike those trails or ski those mountains when the time comes.

  1. Stretch

Stretching is everyone’s favorite part of exercise anyway, right? So why not make it a regular habit. Stretching every day keeps you awake and alert, decreases your risk of injury, and reduces your overall stress levels. It’s even been shown to help manage chronic pain conditions, when done properly.

  1. Find a workout buddy

Here’s a goal for the first couple weeks of the new year that isn’t even actual exercise. Having someone is to work out with is a great way to stay motivated as the months continue on. So take some time talking with your friends and family and see if you can commit someone to making a regular workout schedule with you.

  1. Make your 2018 goal now

Rather than waiting til next year, make your goal for 2018 right now. This is where you can implement that big, audacious, maybe-slightly-impossible goal—like running a marathon. Then, think of your goals this year as getting you to a place where you can seriously tackle that “unrealistic” goal in 2018.

We hope this list has given you some good ideas. Start by picking just a couple of goals for January. As you get more successful at keeping them, add more each month. You’ll find that regular exercise not only keeps you looking and feeling great—it can even bring you peace of mind.

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